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Jaime Ricaurte Junguito

Founder and Manager

Along his more the 25 years of experience in the company he has participated actively in most of the process that have been executed by the firm. Jaime has worked for several institutions such as: Luis Soto and Limited Co., as General Manager; Representative of J. Henry Schroder Wagg & Co. Ltd. in London and Holcim in Geneve; Citibank, as Coordinator of the Citibank New York national subsidiary in Bogota and  in the Stock Market in Bogotá.

He is an Industrial Engineer at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá (1975). MBA in Sloan Management Program, London. Essentials of Corporate Finance, City University Business School, London. Japanese Capital Market Seminar, Nikko Securities, Tokio.

His most relevant experiences are based on structuring projects, selling and purchasing processes, financial advice, financing structures, among others, and has specialized his services for companies in the following sectors: Food, Dairy Companies, Poultry, Cosmetics, Apparel, Palm-Oil, Engineering Services, Transport, Trade Companies, Financial institutions, Sugar mills, Cement, Telecommunications, Infrastructure (roads), Mining (Salt, Gold, Coal) IT, Insurances, Hotels, Oil and Gas companies, among others.

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