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Mergers, Sales and Company Acquisitions

Incorbank has unique and successful experiences in Colombia in the development of certain mandates as leveraged &  management  buyout  structures  (MBO* & LBO**). INCORBANK S.A. acts as an advisor to the buyer or seller, offering the following services:

  • Economical, Financial and Legal Due Diligence.

  • Ongoing Company Valuations.

  • Brand or Business Lines Valuation.

  • Design and Implementation of Purchase / Sale / Privatization / MBO / LBO processes.

  • Determination of Share Exchanges.

  • Valuation of the Economic Profit of a Merger and /or Company Integration.

  • Linking Strategic Partners.

  • Business Search and Selection for Acquisition Processes.

  • Search and Selection of Strategic Partners.

  • Development of Merger and Split up Processes.

  • Valuation and Search of Strategic Allies.

  • Privatization & Bidding Processes.

  • Development of ‘Fairness Opinions’.

*MBO: Company leveraged buyout in conjunction with the Company's management team.
** LBO: Company leveraged buyout.

We have the capacity to advise on international transactions (cross border) through our international network of investment banking relationships in the following business areas:

  • Development of Business Strategies in the region.

  • Identifying Business  and Investment Opportunities.

  • Risks Evaluation.

  • Financial Structure and local Legal Framework Consultancy.

  • Selection of Local Partners and Negotiation Processes.

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Proyect Finance
  • Development of Feasibility Study.

  • Profitability & Value Added Analysis.

  • Key risks Analysis and Mitigation mechanisms.

  • Structuring and Financing Options & Warranties.

  • Business Plan development.

  • Development of Marketing Material.

  • Search and Selection of Strategic Partners and / or Potential Investors (Equity).

  • Rising of Debt Resources.

  • Advisory and follow-up in the Closing of the transaction.

Market Analysis
Corporate Finance
  • Structuring of Corporate Debt (Syndicated and Structured Loans, among others).

  • Structuring and Raising of Equity.

  • Purchasing and Selling of Corporate Debt.

  • Stock Market: Bonds, Shares, Commercial Papers and Securitization.

  • Structured Products and Tax Optimization.

  • Equity and Debt Structure Optimization.

  • Corporate Value Optimization.

  • Restructuring Debt and Liabilities.

Financial Advisory
  • Business Advisory for Planning, Strategy and Financial Optimization.

  • Advisory to Government Enterprises in the Development of bidding processes.

  • Financial Restructuring & Management Processes.

  • Financial Studies.

  • Portfolio Valuation Processes.

Contract Review
Expert Rulings
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